Garantie Nationale Plan 25


List of components covered by the National Protection 25

01. Engine (gasoline or diesel)

Cylinder block and all internal lubricated parts hereafter enumerated: crankshaft, main bearing bushings, pistons, rings (only if rings are broken), connecting rods, connecting rod bearings, camshaft(s), camshaft bushings, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, valves, valve guides, valve springs, rockerarms, push rods, lifters, camshaft caps, front cover, timing chain and pinions, timing belt and its tensioners, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, ring gear (if broken at the heart ofthe wheel and not worn at the teeth level), balance shafts, vibration damper, valves covers, oil pan (if damaged from the inside), oil pump.

02. Transmission

Housing and all internal lubricated parts hereafter enumerated: Automatic: oil pump, valve body, torque converter, sun gears, vacuum modulator, main shaft, bands, drum, gear set, internal bearings, bushings, sealing rings, lines and couplings. Manual: main shaft, gearset, shift forks, synchronizers, internal bearings, bushings, master cylinder and clutch cylinder. Excluded are the clutch disc, pressure plate and clutch bearing.

03. Differential (front and rear):

Housing and all internal lubricated parts hereafter enumerated: drive axle housing, set of gears, internal bearings, bushings, limited slip clutch pack, positraction unit, axle shaft, universal joints, drive shafts.

04. Cooling System

Engine oil cooler, water pump and pulley.

05. Electronic Injection System

Gas pump, pressure regulator, injectors (excluding maintenance).

06. Transfer Case (4x4 vehicle or all wheel drive)

Housing and all internal lubricated parts hereafter enumerated: main shaft, gear set, timing chain and pignons, internal bearings, bushings, electrical engines or vacuum engines. In order for this clause to be applicable, the 4x4 must be declared upon signing this contract.

07. Turbo / Supercharger

Housing (if damaged from within), internal mechanical parts turbocharger valve, bypass valves, intercooler, relief valve actuator. In order for this clause to be applicable, the turbo / supercharger must be declared upon signing this contract.

08. Seals, Rings and Liquids

Coverage includes the necessary replacement of seals, rings, liquids and lubricants if there is a mechanical breakdown or failure of one ofthe covered parts.

09. Towing

After a mechanical breakdown or a failure covered by the present warranty contract for your vehicle, we will reimburse you an amount of fifty canadian dollars ($50 taxes included) for towing your vehicle to an authorised repair center.

10. Replacement Vehicle

You are eligible tc receive a reimbursement for the rental of a replacement vehicle 48 hours after a diagnostic has been made on your vehicle for a mechanical breakdown or a failure that is covered by the present warranty contract. Following this delay, we will reimburse you up to forty canadian dollars ($40 taxes included) per day, for a maximum of live (5) days or two hundred canadian dollars ($200 taxes included). The reimbursement will be carried out upon reception of a valid receipt.

11. Wheel Bearings

Front and rear wheel bearings.

12. Traction

Constant velocityjoints (boots excluded).

13. Steering System

Housing and all internal lubricated parts hereafter enumerated: rack and pinion valve assembly, sector shaft, steering column, rack mounts and cushions, powersteering pump and pulleyl liquid tank, boot kitsl oil cooler, high pressure piping and return lines.

14. Electricity

Alternator, starter, starter solenoid, front and rear wiper motors, intermittent wiper, front and rear windshield washer pumps, heater blowermotor.

15. Electronic Ignition

Electronic ignition module, ignition coil. Are excluded: distributorcap, rotor, ignition wire set.

16. Air Conditioning

Compressor, compressor clutch and pulley, condenser, evaporator (if these parts were installed by the manufacturer and are original parts), expansion tube.

17. Brakes

Master cylinder, vacuum-operated brake booster, wheel-brake cylinder, brake proportioning valve, brake calipers frontand rear, rear brake back plates, self-regulation system and return springs, emergency brake cable and couplings. Are excluded brake pads, discs, drums, all electronic parts.

18. ABS Brakes

Brake accumulator, hydraulic pump, valve bodies.

19. Sensors

Electronic ignition system sensors, electronic wheel ABS sensors, electronic ignition components, electronic injection system sensors.

20. Intake

Intake gasket.

21. Supports

Engine mounts, transmission mounts, drive shaft support, traction case supports.

22. Electricity ++

Switches: ofthe front and rear windshield wipers, rear defroster, electrical windows, heating system, turn signal, door locks, electrical seats, cruise control, door locking control, cruise control actuator, electric window motor, electrical seats motor and regulating gears.

23. Air Conditioning ++

Low and high pressure piping, accumulator, expansion valve, high and low pressure switch.

24. Cooling System ++

Radiator, heatercore, radiator fan motor, transmission oil cooler installed by the manufacturer.

25. Lodging

Alodging allowance will be granted, for a hotel or motel, not exceeding one hundred canadian dollars ($100 taxes included) per day for a maximum of five (5) days or five hundred canadian dollars ($500 taxes included) per repair. To be eligible for this allowance the vehicle must be out of service for more than forty-eight hours (48h), the breakdown or failure must be covered by this warranty and must occur more than 250 kilometers from the address indicated on the contract. G.N. must be notified within 10 days of all address changes, otherwise, the accomodation clause will no longer be valid.